Nurseries and summer camp service of Politecnico for the months of June and July 2020

Ranking for allocation of available places at the kindegartens of Politecnico di Milano 2020/2021

Call for allocation of available places at the kindergartens of Politecnico di Milano 2019/2020

Coronavirus Emergency: Counselling Desk for all parents of children attending our nurseries

New responsible of the Counselling Desk for work-related distress and psychological support for Coronavirus Emergency

New Call for support to the Listening and Work-related Distress Counselling Desk

Avv.Rosiello : also workers in delicate situations must have the right to take advantage from “reasonable solutions”

Discrimination and New Technologies: risks and opportunities PhD module

“Violence by men against women. An awareness campaign by the University and for the University.”

Wellness at the University |12 December 2019 – 5 February 2020

Red Bench: what about us …

Red Bench: thanks to all the participants to this wonderful ceremony

Opening ceremony of a red bench, symbol of the elimination of violence against women

Polimifest 2019 : enjoy the last days of holidays with your children by watching “Ralph Breaks the Internet” movie

PoliEstate summer camp 2019: registrations are open

Easter at Politecnico : 18 – 19 – 23 – 24 april

Symposium | 15 mar 2019

Open Day kindergartens 16 and 21 march: come and visit us !

Discrimination and New Technologies: risks and opportunities 21-22 March

Symposium | 15 mar 2019

Universities in Dialogue: the Personal Advisors confront each other

Welfare, equal treatment, and contrast to discrimination | 13 dec 2018

Nora – Beyond Silence | 5 dec 2018

NON.NO.NEIN. (#SayNoStopVAW) for the elimination of the violence against women

Wellness at the University | 26 nov 2018

Today we say goodbye

Il Benessere in Ateneo | 10 ott 2018

Borse di studio AIDIA | 18 giu 2018

Apre il Centro estivo | 11 giu 2018

Il Benessere in Ateneo | 15 giu 2018

Giornata mondiale contro l’omofobia | 16 mag 2018

Bando 2018-19 asili nido aziendali

La Resistenza a Milano: Seminario itinerante | 24/25 apr 2018

Le Maschie | 6 mar 2018

Malanova | 29 gen 2018

Il Benessere in Ateneo | 17 gen 2018

AIDIA. 60 anni e non li dimostra | 23 nov 2017

Prospettive di genere: un’occasione di crescita da non perdere | 10 nov 2017

La salute inizia dalla tavola: Cottura e conservazione | 18 ott 2017