The CUG collaborates with other services of the University, which are dedicated to the wellness and protection of students and employees of Politecnico di Milano:

Confidential Counsellor

The Confidential Counsellor, or Consigliera di Fiducia, offers support and advice to victims of discrimination, mobbing, sexual, moral, and psychological harassment. As an external consultant, she acts totally independently and performs a preventive, listening, informing, and training functions aimed at promoting well-being in the work and study environment to secure equal opportunities and liberties. The Confidential Counsellor treats individual cases under her attention with scruple, seriousness and and absolute confidentiality.

The Confidential Counsellor , Esq. Annalisa Rosiello, regularly receives by appointments. To contact her please send an email to Appointments can also be fixed in other places and at other time.

The CUG collaborates with The Confidential Counsellor to monitor and to periodically analyse situations of distress, discrimination and harassment.

Counselling Desk for work-related distress

The Counselling desk for work-related distress, active within Politecnico’s CUG, provides a support service on relational and organizational issues to those who find themselves in a situation of discomfort in their own workplace, and is aimed at identifying hypotheses and strategies for improvement and resolution of the problem. The service is supported by an external psychologist and guarantees maximum confidentiality to those who turn to it.

The activity carried out can be framed as a counseling activity: it focuses on the analysis of the problematic situation and the identification of possible solutions, therefore differing from psychotherapy in terms of objectives, times and methods. The role of the counselor is to facilitate the work of the person in order to respect his/her values, resources and self-determination ability. Throughout the path, the individual’s resources and the strengthening of relational and stress management skills will also be emphasized.

The intervention will consist of a maximum of five meetings, that can be prolonged if necessary, to be held weekly or twice a week, based on the availability of the person:

 the first phase of the process consists in welcoming the emotional experience and discomfort brought by the person and in providing a first specialist consultation; if the person intends to continue, the problem of intervention and the available resources are identified;
 the subsequent phases are aimed at identifying decisive intervention strategies, for which their effectiveness is assessed from time to time, with a view to continuous monitoring and support; interventions also have a focus on the person’s emotional resources and skills;
 if necessary, the possibility of extending the support, or of evaluating a follow-up meeting at three and six months, is agreed.

Dr. Alice Fattori is the person responsible of the service; she receives by appointment at the headquarters of the Unified Guarantee Committee (Building 10 – Leonardo Campus). To contact her, send an email to


Psychological and Psychotherapeutic support

PoliPSI is the Counselling and Psychological and Psychotherapeutic Support Service for students and for PhD students at the Politecnico di Milano.

PoliPSI is headed by the Rector’s Delegate Prof. Licia Sbattella, psychotherapeutic psychologist and bioengineer. The service comprises psychologists and psychotherapists who are experts in relationships and in learning processes.

The service offers a place to confront problems and to receive support when going through periods of distress, of uncertainty or of difficulty related to your studies or to personal events.

Specifically, the service can help you:

deal with difficult situations in your academic life (either of an academic or a psychological nature)
improve your academic performance (steering and refining your chosen academic path, your underlying motivation and employing more effective personal and collaborative strategies to attain your desired results)
get to know and better understand yourself, others, the relationships that are most important to you and the situations you most often find yourself in with a view to attaining a rich, illustrious and authentic personal and professional future with solid relationships
better deal with your first experiences of employment (in terms of internships, work placements and research work)
The service offers:

An initial meeting with the psychotherapeutic psychologist in charge of the service, an expert in listening to and analysing difficulties, to agree on the next steps to take
An individual course of Teaching Counselling and Psychological Support: between 2 and 5 individual meetings per year with the psychologist and teaching guidance experts
An individual cycle of short-term Psychotherapy (from 4 to 8 sessions) or Psychotherapy (up to 30 sessions), with a weekly appointment, during a calendar year, according to the specialist staff available, with a psychotherapist and psychotherapeutic supervision from the head of the service
Experiential courses and workshops on specific topics (personality and individual differences, cooperation and leadership, work and study methods, managing emotions and anxiety, self-esteem, self-image, etc.)
The service is available, by appointment, Monday to Friday 8:30 to 12:30 and 13:30 to 16:30.

To make an appointment, contact:

All services are provided free of charge to students and PhD students at the Politecnico di Milano.

Full confidentiality and respect for privacy is guaranteed in regard to all details and information exchanged or received.

Defender of Students

The Defender, or il Difensore degli Studenti, assists all students having complaints about attitudes disrespecting regulations of the University and the Code of Rights and Obligations of students.

Transparency Guarantor

Transparency Guarantor, or Il Garante della Trasparenza, aims to verify and promote the circulation of information, publicity and transparency of processes of decision-making at Politecnico di Milano.

The CUG collaborates with Transparency Guarantor by reporting activities and procedures that contradict Ethics Code of the University and principles of publicity and transparency in corporate communication.