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Smart Academia I 3 – 4 Dec 2020

Our Commitee is pleased to invite all interested people to the Annual Conference of the National Conference of the Italian Universities Equal Opportunities Bodies titled: ” Smart Academia. Assessment, work, well-being and fairness in a changing university” which will take place on line on 3 and 4 December 2020 by Teams platform.

Registration at this link no later than 30 November.


Conference Program

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Red bench I 25 Nov 2020

Do you know why there is a red bench in Piazza Leonardo right in front of Politecnico?

It represents a space ideally occupied by the presence of women victims of violence.

The history of the red bench begins in October 2019, when we decided to participate at the initiative “Adotta una panchina”; we decided to use that space because it’s necessary that the Politecnico, like other universities, takes a firm stance against violence on women, actively fighting to raise awareness among its people.

Universities must be safe spaces, explicitely against sexism, machismo, racism or any other form of discrimination; places that allow students, PhD students, professors and every other member to freely express themselves and their ideas.

We all would rather pretend that these brutal acts of violence are no more, as if they are just things of the past, but unfortunately reality tells a different story. Milan is sadly no exception, despite what one would think: everyday many women experience horrible acts of violence, not always of the physical type: it is actually the case that it often takes the form of verbal and psychological abuse, sometimes subtle, sometimes more explicit.

Do not downplay and tolerate this kind of violence, learn more by reading the flyer below!


Towards W20 (G20) I 9 Nov 2020

Politecnico di Milano in partnership with the Consulta Femminile di Milano and the Italian Delegation G20 organizes the online meeting “Towards W20 (G20)”. The associations part of the Consulta and local institutions will debate with the Board of W20 (G20) Italy looking forward to the torch pass from Saudi Arabia to Italy for the 2021 edition. 

Program (in Italian)

Registration at this link

Event at this link


PINK. Female representations and women graphic designers | 9 – 28 Oct

On Friday, October 9th at 6 p.m. at the Formentini Laboratory (M. Formentini, 10 – 20121 Milan) , PINK opens. Representations of women graphic designers, exhibition project born from the collaboration between the Documentation Center on the Graphic Project of AIAP – Italian Association of Visual Communication Design, Arnoldo Foundation and Alberto Mondadori and Master Archives Digital FGCAD of the University of Macerata and edited by Francesco E. Guida (AIAP/Politecnico di Milano), Lorenzo Grazzani (AIAP) and Paola Ciandrini (University of Macerata, FGCAD).

On the occasion of the inauguration there will be a round table in the presence of:

Valeria Bucchetti /Politecnico di Milano

Anty Pansera /President DcomeDesign

Raimonda Riccini /IUAV University of Venice

Annalisa Rossi /Archive and Bibliographic Superintendence of Lombardy

More details and registration at this link