On December 13th at 2.30 pm at the Auditorium in via Pascoli the event “Wellness, equal treatment and contrast to discrimination” was held.

It was an opportunity for comparison between and with the figures in charge of guaranteeing and protecting wellbeing and safety within the University, as well as a moment for restitution of the Organizational Climate surveys and Diversity.

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Conference Slides:

Health and discrimination of workers subject to particular risks – Annalisa Rosiello, Confidence Counselor

Diversity survey – Laura Borgogni,Universit√† la Sapienza, Roma

Climate survey: critical areas and proposed interventions – Alessandra Moroni, Human resources

Results of the risk assessment work-related stress – Claudio Corioni/Sonia La Vitola, SPP/RSPP

Results of the risk assessment work-related stress – Dott. La Cavera

The activity of the Listening Desk – Considerations on the psychological aspects of working discomfort- Mariagrazia Cipero, Counselling Service CUG

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