On the occasion of the November 25th anniversary instituted by the UN in 1999, we are pleased to invite you to the show “Nora – Beyond Silence” on Wednesday 5 December, 2.00 pm, Aula Castiglioni (ed B1 – V. Durando 10 / V Candiani 72).

You can subscribe to the show via This link.

NORA – Beyond Silence di Amalia Bonagura

The action takes place in the 48 hours preceding the final hearing of a trial for murder, in the living room of Guido, a defense lawyer intent on preparing his final address and the only male character on stage. On the stage, besides him, three generations of women, a grandmother, a mother, a daughter, connected not by blood ties, but by the story of one of them, Nora, and his death. The story of Nora slowly unfolds, from the happiness of a full and engaging love, to its gradual evolution that appears at the end so monstrous and terrible – yet imprisoned in the false bonds of “normality” – to be aroused in the younger character, Lucia, a strong sense of rebellion due to the inability to accept and justify the unacceptable and the unjustifiable.

Nora wants to involve everyone in her story and does not accept excuses. She found his voice after the silence of a life and now wants to tell: because she was there, because she knows, because she understood, because silence is silent. Why not happen again.


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