Since the beginning of March, the Counselling Desk for work-related distress of CUG has a new responsible, Dr. Alice Fattori (Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Ph.D. in Occupational Medicine, Adjunct Professor at the University of Milan).

Dr. Fattori’s expertise is mainly focused on occupational health, the sector of psychology oriented to promoting health, well-being and safety in different organizational realities. She has a specific research training on risk factors capable of affecting the quality of work and the psychophysical health. Her work activities are also addressed to the planning of training courses and the development of personal resources aimed at strengthening workers’ transversal skills, and individual psychological support.

In the document below, it’s possibile to find relevant information on the organization of the Counseling Desk and how to access it; due to the current situation, in the next weeks dr. Fattori will provide her support activities remotely. Please contact her at  in order to plan directly with her an appointment.

*** Coronavirus Emergency – Additional Support Service ***

The exceptional situation we are experiencing is causing inevitable and intense emotional reactions. In addition to providing support to all requests related to work-related distress, dr. Fattori is available for an additional psychological support service: the service is thought for all workers who feel overwhelmed by emotions and stress, experiencing the need to speak with a qualified expert, in order to be able to share intense anxieties, worries and discomfort. In order to take advantage of this precious support, please contact her at , providing a phone number, in order to be contacted as soon as possible.

Functioning of Counselling Desk

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