polietico is a campaign promoted by the Unified Guarantee Committee of the Politecnico di Milano and developed by the students of the Degree Course in Communication Design with the aim of disseminating the values expressed in the University Code of Ethics and Behavior

polietico wants to stimulate the participation and creativity in the polytechnic community on institutional values through interaction and exchange. 

Link to polietico.it

Project contact person: Fiammetta Costa, president of CUG 
Lecturer in charge: prof. Francesco E. Guida 
Assistants: Antonella Autuori, Francesca Varalda 
Authors of the selected project: Andrea Camurani, Francesco Ricciardi, Simone Gigante, Alberto Ravara, Sebastiano Calegari 
Website: Pietro Forino 
CUG students’ representative: Francesca Benatti, Filiberto Canino

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