The Confidential Counsellor, or Consigliera/e di Fiducia, offers support and advice to victims of discrimination, mobbing, sexual, moral, and psychological harassment, as foreseen by the European Parliament Resolution A3-0043/94. As an external consultant, she/he acts totally independently and performs preventive, listening, informing, and training functions aimed to promote well-being in the work and study environment to secure equal opportunities and liberties of instructors, technical and administrative staff and students of the University. The Confidential Counsellor treats individual cases under her attention with scruple, seriousness and and absolute confidentiality.

The CUG and the Confidential Counsellor collaborate to monitor and to periodically analyse situations of distress, discrimination and harassment.

The role and activities of the Confidential Counsellor are defined by the  Politecnico di Milano’s Code for the Safeguarding of Personal Dignity.