In this section you can find services and professional figures that can help you to solve personal, working or studying problems.

  • The Counselling desk for work-related distress, active within Politecnico‚Äôs CUG, provides a support service on relational and organizational issues to those who find themselves in a situation of discomfort in their own workplace, and is aimed at identifying hypotheses and strategies for improvement and resolution of the problem. The service is supported by an external psychologist and guarantees maximum confidentiality to those who turn to it.
  • The Confidential Counsellor, is a professional external seat to the University that acts independently in order to protect the dignity of students and staff of the Politecnico di Milano to encourage the overcoming of the uncomfortable or critical situation and to restore a peaceful working and study environment. Role and activities of the Confidential Counsellor are defined by the Politecnico di Milano’s Code for the Safeguarding of Personal Dignity . She/her treats individual cases under her/his attention with scruple, seriousness and and absolute confidentiality.
  • Transparency Guarantor, aims to verify and promote the circulation of information, publicity and transparency of processes of decision-making at Politecnico di Milano.
  • PoliPsi is the Counseling and Psychological-Psychotherapeutic Support Service for students and for PhD candidates at Politecnico di Milano. The service offers a place to face problems and to receive support when going through periods of distress, uncertainty or difficulty related to studies or to personal events.