The Unified Guarantee Committee, formed pursuant the Direttiva PCM 4/3/2010, collaborates with other services of the University, which are dedicated to the well-being and protection of students and employees of Politecnico di Milano. It has propositive, consultive and verification tasks which substitute and integrate the functions previously performed by Equal Opportunities Committee (Comitato per le pari opportunità) and Parity Committee for the Phenomenon of Mobbing  (Comitato paritetico sul fenomeno del mobbing).

The main objectives of the CUG are:

to promote and support the three-year Plan of Positive Actions to promote work and study equality between men and women and to prevent work-related distress conditions;

to propose and organise scientific and cultural activities along with informative and training activities related to such issues as equal opportunities and occupational well-being;

to spread knowledge and to monitor observance of the University’s Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct;

to formulate opinions concerning staff reorganisation projects and training, staff evaluation criteria, working flexibility (working hours, part-time, teleworking);

to verify the results of positive actions, of projects and of beneficial practices promoted for equal opportunities, preventing and opposing distress in working and educational environments.

The activities of the Commeette are defined by the Regolamento di funzionamento issued with the Decreto Direttoriale n. 2662, 1/04/2020.

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