The nursery in Milan, via Valvassori Peroni, n. 17 and the Micronido, via Candiani 72 are a day-time service with a capacity to host up to 25 and 10 children from 3 months old, due on 31 December of every year, to those who reach the age allowing the admission to kindergartens.

The assignment of places is defined by a ranking drawn up through a special call.

The announcement for the allocation of places to the company corporate nurseries is published within the month of April.

The allocation of available places for each childcare facility will be carried out through two separate ranking lists according to age groups: youngest and medium-Young children.

For each ranking list, priority will be given (for 2020-2021 educational year) to the applications submitted with the following order: 

I. Technical/Administrative staff;

II. Teaching staff;

III. Post-doc research fellows, scholarship holders, PhD students;

IV.  Politecnico students;

V.   Persons with any kind of collaboration contract with Politecnico di Milano (such as adjunct professors and collaborators), provided that the contract states that the holder must be present at the Politecnico for at least six months in the 2020/2021 educational year;

VI. Employees of organisation affiliated with or bound to the Politecnico di Milano;

VII. The immediate family of employees of the Politecnico di Milano;

VIII. External individuals

In the event of a tie , priority will be given to families that have attached a lower amount of ISEE certification to the application and, in the event of a further tie, priority will be given to the youngest child. 

For new families wishing to use the service, an information meeting and a visit to the facilities will be scheduled. The costs of the service, for employees of the polytechnic, are partially supported by the university administration

Subject to prior presentation of the ISEE/ISEEU by the beginning of the new educational year (September), the fees for students, PhD students and post-doc research fellows will be supported by the Politecnico Equal Opportunities Programme (, to enable them to participate more easily in study and research in accordance with the 2020-2021 Positive Action Plan.

For female students, PhD students and post-doc research fellows, the Politecnico Equal Opportunities Programme will also support the fees for any attendance at the nursery service in August, and at the pre-school service in September. This support is provided only for weekly (not daily) membership fees in the ISEE Band I.