The assignment of places is defined by a ranking drawn up through a special call.

The announcement for the allocation of posts to the company corporate nurseries is published within the month of April.

They can apply for their children with the following priority:

  1. Technical and Administrative staff employed by the Politecnico;
  2. Technical and Administrative staff employed by the Politecnico; the staff Lecturer of the Politecnico;
  3. the staff that in any way collaborates with the Polytechnic and Polytechnic students;
  4. employees of affiliated companies / organizations;
  5. individuals: by way of derogation from the regulation of the nursery school, in order to guarantee both the full employment of the asylum and to ensure the economic sustainability of the structure, participation in individual external parties is allowed, who take full advantage of the full-time service; they have all the other requisites foreseen by the call.

For new families wishing to use the service, an information meeting and a visit to the facilities will be scheduled. The costs of the service, for employees of the polytechnic, are partially supported by the university administration.

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