The Unified Guarantee Commitee (CUG), for the three-year period 2019/2021, results to be composed by:

Fiammetta Costa President 

Tel. (022399)7269

Francesco Esposito Elected component

Tel. (022399)2157

Cristina Marchegiani Elected component

Tel. (022399)2614

Giovanni Lugaresi Elected component as Representative of PhD candidates

Tel. (022399)8538

Giorgio Colomban Elected component as Representative of Students

Lorenzo Dionigi Elected component as Representative of Students

Maria Lorena Caraffa Effective component designated by FLC CGIL

Tel. (022399)9776

Antonella Piccarreta Effective component designated by CISL

Tel. (022399)9310

Elena Tancredi Effective component designated by USB

Tel. (022399)3939

Luca Colacicco Substitute component designated by CISL

Tel. (022399)9317

Carmelo Di Rosa  Substitute component designated by FLC CGIL

Tel. (022399)9398

Ivana Clemenza Substitute component designated by USB

Tel. (022399)4209


Tel. (022399)2630

Decree 4977/2020 del 16/07/2020